Article I



The name of this organization shall be the CLEMMONS CIVIC CLUB, Clemmons, North Carolina.

Article II


(1) The purpose of this club is:

(2) To work in every way for the betterment of our community.

(3) To meet together in an atmosphere of fellowship in order to acquire a broader knowledge of public affairs and community needs.

(4) Through instruction, discussion and study to become better prepared for intelligent leadership and cooperation in the solving of civic problems.

(5) To demand of all members the highest ethical and moral standards in their respective vocations and in their dealings with each other and with the public.

(6) To cooperate with other organizations of similar purpose.


Article III


The CLEMMONS CIVIC CLUB shall be independent, not affiliated with any national organization.

Article IV


The CLEMMONS CLUB shall at no time endorse or recommend any candidate for public office, but the Club reserves the right to criticize by resolution or letter any legislative action by any legislative body.

Article V


(1) Any person of good character and reputation is eligible for membership.

(2) Membership shall continue, and dues shall be paid until membership is forfeited or resigned.

(3) Nomination and selection of membership into the Club shall be as provided in the By-Laws.


Article VI



Titles. The officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, Assistant Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.

How Elected. The 0fficers of the Club shall be nominated and elected as provided in the By-Laws.


Article VII


  1. How Constituted. The Board of Directors shall be the administrative body of the Club and shall be twelve (12) in number. The President of the Club shall be the

Chairman of the Board. The board shall include all elected officers and the immediate past president. Five (5) Directors at large shall be nominated and elected in accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws. At least one (1) of the six at large directors shall be past presidents.

  1. Powers. The Board shall have the control and management of the affairs, including the physical assets of the Club, and funds in conformity with this Constitution and the Bylaws. In exercising such control and management the Board may, as fixed by the budget or budgets provided for in the Bylaws, expend in any fiscal year the current income and such amount from the general surplus fund as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Club. The Board shall report to the next meeting of the general membership as to the special conditions under which expenditures have been made from the surplus.

  2. Secretary. The Secretary of the Club shall be the Secretary of the Board.


Article VIII



Dues shall be as provided in the Bylaws.


Article IX



Bylaws not inconsistent with this Constitution embodying additional provisions for the government of the CLEMMONS CIVIC CLUB shall be adopted and may be amended as provided by the Bylaws.


Article X


  1. Time. This constitution may be amended at any regular or specially called meeting, a quorum of fifty percent (50) Active Voting members being present, by a two-thirds vote.

  2. Who May Propose. Any Club member in good standing who is an Active Voting Member.


  1. Procedure. Any proposed amendment shall be delivered in written form to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors must consider the amendment at their next meeting and report the amendment out favorably or unfavorably. The amendment must then be presented to the general membership for a vote at the next meeting of the Club.


Article XI



Section 1. Admission to Membership

  1. Membership to the Club shall be by invitation.

  2. Eligible persons shall be proposed for membership by a member of the Club in good standing.

  3. Prospective members shall be required to attend at least one Civic Club meeting before they can be considered for membership.

  4. Names of persons eligible for membership shall be given to the President or Secretary of the Club, who in turn shall pass the proposed member's, to a team of at least three (3) members, named by the President, which team shall carefully investigate every qualification of the proposed member.

  5. Should the team unanimously approve the nominee, the President shall present this information to the Club.


The President shall ascertain the desires of the Club members by secret ballot at a regular meeting. A candidate for membership receiving more than (4) negative votes must wait one (1) year before being reconsidered for membership.


Section 2. Acceptance of Membership.

  1. The Club Secretary shall inform the candidate of his/her approval for membership in the Club.

  2. The candidate shall indicate his/her acceptance of membership in the Club by paying an initiation fee of $30.00 within thirty (30) days of his/her receipt of notice of their approval for membership.


Article XII



Any member who refuses or neglects to pay an indebtedness due the Club within fifteen (15) days after demand by the Secretary shall there by forfeit their membership.


Article XIII



Section 1. Active. Any person possessing the qualifications set forth in Article V of the Constitution may apply for membership in the Club.

Section 2. Active Voting Members. Any member current on dues that has attended at least two (2) business meetings in the previous Twelve (12) months.

Section 3. Inactive. Inactive membership status shall be granted only upon request to a member who will be absent from the community for a period of at least six (6) months. Said request shall be directed to the Club Secretary who shall confirm that the member making the request has no unpaid obligations to the Club. All dues shall be suspended during the member's absence and upon the member's return, if he/she so desires, he/she may reinstate himself as an active member upon the payment of a reinstatement fee of $10.00.

Section 3. Honorary Members (not applicable for current members)

(a) Honorary members shall be elected by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active voting members attending that particular meeting, a quorum being present.

(b) Fees, Costs, etc. There will be no initiation fee, etc., or dues for honorary members except costs of meals when the honorary member is present. (c) Committee Memberships and Offices. Honorary members shall not serve on any regular committee, hold office or vote. If an Honorary member plans to attend a Club meeting they are requested to inform the President or Secretary of their intention in order to facilitate meal planning.

Section 4. Lifetime Members.

(a) Members with 25 years or more of service to the Club who are not able to regularly participate in club activities may be elected as lifetime members by two thirds (2/3) vote of the active voting members attending that meeting, a quorum being present.

(b) Dues for lifetime members will be suspended.

(c) Lifetime members shall not serve on any regular committee, hold office or vote. They may attend up to two meetings per year at no charge for meals. If they plan to attend a Club meeting they are requested to inform the President or Secretary of their intentions in order to facilitate meal planning.

(d) At any time a Lifetime member may request to return to being an Active Voting member and resume paying dues.


Article XIV



Section 1. Duties. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for doing whatever may be necessary for the furtherance of the purpose of the CLEMMONS CIVIC CLUB.


Section 2. Powers. The Board of Directors shall constitute the administrative body of the Club with full and complete authority to manage its affairs.


Section 3. Meetings.

  1. The Board shall meet at such time and places as it may determine or upon the Call of the Chairman. Notice of such meetings shall be given by the general secretary at least one (1) week preceding the day of the meeting unless such notice shall have been waived. At least two (2) meetings of the Board shall be held in each calendar year.

  2. At any meeting of the Board, six (6) members thereof shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business, except that requiring a larger vote under the Constitution or Bylaws.


Section 4. Executive Committee. The board may appoint an Executive Committee to be composed of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) of its members. The Board may delegate to such Executive Committee authority to exercise, between meetings of the Board, the power to make decisions on behalf of the Board.

Section 5. Vacancies. In the event of a vacancy, the remaining members of the Board shall elect a Director to fill the vacancy at the next meeting of the Board.


Article XV



Section 1. Election. Officers shall be elected at the first regular meeting in November and shall take office on January 1 of each year.

Section 2. Qualifications. Each officer shall be an Active Voting member in good standing of the Club.

Section 3. Term of Office. The term of each office shall begin on the first day of January following the officers’ election in November and shall continue for one (1) year.

Section 4. Vacancies.

  1. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President or Secretary, the Vice-President and Assistant Vice-President shall succeed at once.

  2. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice-President, the Assistant Vice-President shall succeed at once. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Assistant Vice-President, Assistant Secretary, or Treasurer, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member of the Club in good standing to fill the unexpired term.

Section 5. Duties.

  1. President. The President shall appoint all committees and teams, shall preside at all meetings of the Club and perform the duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.

  2. Vice-President. The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties to this office. The Vice-President shall succeed to the office of President in the event of a vacancy in that office. The Vice-President shall oversee all teams and report directly to the President.


  1. Assistant Vice-President. The Assistant Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President and Vice-President., perform the duties to this office. The Assistant Vice-President shall succeed to the office of Vice President in the event of a vacancy in that office, and perform the duties to this office. The Assistant Vice-President will serve on the Community Service/ Special Projects Team.

  2. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, notify applicants of their approval for membership, supervise all correspondence for the Club, and perform such other duties as pertain to this office. The Secretary will serve on the Membership Team.

  3. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall disburse the funds in a manner prescribed by the Board and shall perform such other duties pertaining to his/her office as may be delegated by the Board. He/she shall make such reports to the Board as it may require. He/she shall send to each active member of the Club a statement of any dues and obligations said member owes to the Club at least quarterly. He/she shall prepare and present an annual report and proposed budget. The Treasurer will serve on the Scholarship and Endowment Team.

  4. Assistant Secretary. The Assistant Secretary shall notify the membership of meeting dates, times and location. He/she shall also maintain name badges for all the club members and issue an up-dated membership list when needed. The Assistant Secretary will serve on the Meals and Program Team.


Article XVI



Section 1. Nomination Committee.

  1. Nominations for Club Officers and Directors shall be made by the Nomination Committee.

  2. How Constituted. The Nomination Committee shall consist of three (3) active members of the Club in good standing appointed by the President.

  3. Floor Nominations. Members shall have the opportunity to nominate candidates from the floor for each position.

  4. Permission. Any member nominated from the floor for an office must give his/her permission prior to submission of his/her name.

Article XVll



Section 1. Standing Teams. The President shall appoint the members of the following Standing Teams: Maintenance/Improvements Team, Meals and Program Team, Publicity Team, Flower Team, Membership Team, Scout and Youth Team, Audit Team, Scholarships and Endowment Team, Community Service/Special Projects Team, and Fundraising Team.

The Standing Teams shall begin to function on the first day of January of the year for which they are constituted.


Section 2. Responsibilities of Standing Teams (Each Team will work to develop a statement of their duties to be presented to the board for their approval, to be voted on at our next board meeting.)

  1. The Meals and Program Team will schedule meals and programs for our club meetings. Although it should be the duties of all club members to help set up and cleanup for meals the members of this committee should be able to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to our scheduled meeting starting time for supervision of meal and program setup. They also should be available to stay for cleanup.


Meals and Programs should be scheduled at least 3 months prior to a meeting. Any club member that has a suggestion for a program or a meal source should contact the committee chair. All programs should be approved by the club President.

  1. Maintenance/Improvements Team

  2. Publicity Team

  3. Flower Team

  4. Membership Team

  5. Scout and Youth Team

  6. Audit Team

  7. Fundraising Team


Section 3. Special Committees. The President may appoint such Special Committees as are necessary in his /her judgment, or in the judgment of the Board of Directors. A Special Committee appointed to serve until its specific purpose is accomplished shall be known as Ad Hoc Committee. The term of service of Special Committees, except as Ad Hoc Committees, shall end with the close of the calendar year in which such Special Committees are appointed. The term of service of an Ad Hoc Committee shall end when the specific purpose is accomplished for which such Ad Hoc Committee was appointed, or the Committee is discharged by the Board.


Section 4. Chairman and Vacancies. The President shall designate the Chairman of each Team/Committee and shall have power to fill all vacancies that occur in such Teams/Committees.


Section 5. Ex-Officio Membership. The President shall be an Ex-Officio member of all Teams/Committees of the Club. Every Ex-Officio member of any Team/Committee shall have all the privileges of the membership.


Section 5. Quorum. A majority of all members of the team/committees shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of such team/committee, unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws or in special action by the Board on establishing teams/committees.


Article XVIII



Section 1. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of January and end on the 31st day of December.


Section 2. Treasurer's Report. The Treasurer shall give a report of the Club's financial condition at each meeting.


Section 3. Dues. Each Club member, except for Honorary, Lifetime, and Inactive members, shall pay dues of $30.00 per quarter.

Section 4. Date of Payment. Dues are payable on the first day of each quarter. Dues not paid by the 15th of the following month shall be declared delinquent. Dues for new members joining on other than the beginning of the quarter shall be prorated for the rest of that quarter.

Section 5. Audit. The President shall appoint a committee to make an audit of the Treasurer's Books of accounts annually, or at more frequent intervals.

Section 6. Annual Report. The Treasurer shall present an annual report for the preceding year and the budget for the on-coming year at the January meeting of each year.


Article XIX


A quorum of thirty-three and one-third (33 1/3) percent of the Active Voting members must be present before the Club may act on Club business.


Article XX


Gifts of flowers and memorials are to be limited to the death of a member of the Club.


Article XXI


Article XXII


The Civic Club will support Scout Troops, Cub Pack and Brownies meetings in our building and will endeavor to extend to the groups every courtesy and consideration.


Article XXIII


The Club shall not contribute to any organization out of the Club Treasury, but the Club will cooperatively and individually sponsor worthy drives or causes as determined by the Club.