Members join with the expectation of establishing a fraternal relationship with the other members such that the purpose(s) of the achieved through industry, leadership and personal growth.
Prospective members are sponsored, introduced at a regular meeting and voted upon at a subsequent meeting that they don't attend. 
There is a new member fee of $30.
Dues are $10 per month paid semi-annually.
There are no attendance requirements.


David Barson Jr.

Richard Boner

Scott Binkley

Richard Clemmons

Don Cope

Steve Danner

Kent Davis

Al Dillon

Jay Faircloth

Tony Golding

Ted Guenther

David Hauser

Bob Hensley

Jeff Johnston

Tom Kenny

Monnie Laughinghouse

Bill Lawry

Garland Layton

Philip Maas

David Masucci

Jeanne Masucci

Bob Middleton

Frank Miller

Dan Monroe

Richard Morris

Brett Nelson

Nick Nelson

Ronald Newsome

Ken Norton

Rex Pass

Philip Parker

Carlos Pereira

Roy Robinson

William Singletary

George Stewart

Thao Sommerville

Ben Sutliff

Nat Swanson

Craig Taylor

Campbell Thompson

Mark Turner

Ken Watson

Larry Wood


John Collins Sr.

John Hunter