Clemmons Civic Club
Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2020

1. David Masucci led our group in prayer and Pledge of Allegiance prior to our meal at 6:38 PM.

2. At 7:05 PM Club President David Barson thanked Garland Layton and his committee for providing our meal.  He also thanked Jeanne Masucci for cleaning the tablecloths.

3. David Barson introduced our guest speaker Scott Buffkin, Clemmons Town Manager.  He talked about a few sub-divisions in the process of approval.  He spoke of future developments, including medical facilities.  Clemmons Public Library is a year or so away from completion. The 158 sidewalk is still in the works and it will run from Middlebrook Drive to Tanglewood Park.  A couple of other sidewalks are being considered.  Bulk pick-up will be in March.  Throughout his talk Scott answered any questions that came up.

4. Mark Turner gave the Treasurer’s Report. He said that the Attractions coupon books that club members were selling are showing a profit.  Mark handed out an activity sheet for 2019.

5. David Barson stated that board of directors approved a paint color for the club main area painting.  They also voted to purchase 35 new padded chairs.  In addition, the main entrance mats will be replaced.

6. David Barson informed us that our American flag has been put up.  He also stated that a new club banner will be created and purchased.

7. David Barson, the Winston-Salem Dash game will take place this year.  Each club member will be allowed on free ticket with the option of purchasing additional tickets.

8. David Barson spoke on the topic of voting in a new Civic Club member.  2/3 of active voting members must accept the candidate for membership for it to pass.  At this meeting a vote was taken and it was approved.


9. David Barson announced that our February meeting will have magician Glen Yost.  February 27, 2020.

10. Nat Swanson requested that each club member purchase one or more Attractions coupon books.

11. Secretary David Masucci distributed November 2019 meeting minutes for review.  The November 2019 meeting minutes were approved and entered into record.  David Masucci thanked Dan Monroe for taking the November 2019 minutes in his absence.

12. It was suggested that the meeting minutes be included on our club website.  It was agreed upon and David Masucci will forward past and future minutes to Bill Lawry.

13. Our next Pancake Breakfast will be on April 18, 2020. David Barson informed us that the outside Pancake Breakfast sign will be refurbished.

14. The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM with 22 members and guests in attendance.   

Respectfully submitted,
David Masucci, Civic Club Secretary.